Selling Your House? Then Paint the Interior of Your Home with These Colors

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When you live in a house, you want it to reflect your personality, your likes and dislikes. But when you’re selling a home, it’s just the opposite. You want the house to appear like a blank canvas, so that buyers can actually envision living in your home. Bright colorful walls may be your thing, but they can be distracting to a buyer and could even send them scurrying out the door.

So, before you put your house on the market, experts recommend that you freshen up its interior with a neutral coat of paint. Neutral, however, doesn’t have to mean plain white walls. Today’s neutrals include soft grays, pale blues, light beiges and taupe tones. The right coat of paint can even make a home appear bigger or can change a home’s mood. And according to one expert interviewed by USA Today, fresh paint can also increase the value of your home. She estimated that a fresh coat of paint adds approximately 1% to 3% to a home’s final sale price.

So, what are some of the best colors to paint the interior of your home?

The Bedrooms

According to Zillow, painting your bedrooms a shade of pale blue with a hint of gray could increase the average selling price of your home by more than $2,500 in comparison to similar homes with white walls. It’s a soft soothing shade that is also very fitting for a home in Rhode Island, the Ocean State.

Dining Room

Zillow found that buyers were attracted to houses that had dining rooms painted a light taupe with warm undertones. These homes sold for approximately $2,700 more than similar homes with white walls.


A pale gray is subtle and a great neutral and, according to Houzz, is also the most popular color for kitchen walls. The next two favorite colors are white and beige.

It’s important to remember that the paint color you choose also needs to work with your carpets, furnishings, window coverings and cabinetry. If your new paint, for instance, clashes with your carpeting, your home is going to show poorly. So, talk with your interior painter and ask for his color recommendations, as well.

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