Spring House Painting Hints

Outside House Painters in Rhode Island

If you’re planning on having your house painted in the spring, you should know that’s an ideal time. The weather is warmer, and the chance of rain or other weather problems is lower, as well. Whether you’re planning to paint the house yourself or hire someone, it’s good to know how you plan to proceed. When you’re getting your house ready for painting, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Hiring a Rhode Island Painting Contractor Could Save You Time

Doing it yourself saves money but it might not give you the best result. It can be much easier to hire a contractor, and let them handle all the painting and prep work. That way you can enjoy your spring day, and let someone else handle the house painting duties. Your home will look great when it’s done, and you won’t need to spend your downtime painting. There are plenty of other great things to do in the spring.

If You DIY the Painting, Make Sure You Do the Prep Work

If you decide to handle the painting yourself be sure to do the prep work first. You’ll want to pressure wash your home, to be sure everything is off of the surface you’re going to be painting. Use a 45-degree angle, and don’t use any kind of soap or cleaner. The angle is important, so you don’t put any craters, dents, or gouges into the surface.

You’ll also want to sand after pressure washing. When you lightly sand the surfaces, they’ll be smooth and even for the paint. Be sure you lightly blow the dust off the surface after sanding, as well, so any left-over dust doesn’t cause a problem for the paint. A surface that has dust or anything else on it won’t take paint as evenly as a clean surface will.

Choose Colors Wisely, and Use Samples

Get some paint samples and make sure you’re choosing colors you feel good about. By seeing the way different colors look on the house, you’ll be able to decide on the one that’s going to give you the best result. You want a color you like, but also one that will hold up well and not show a lot of dirt or wear over time. That way it will be longer before you have to paint your house again.

Take your time and your painting project will work out just fine. Of course, if you’d rather spend your spring Rhode Island day doing something else, you can always hire a quality contractor to do your house painting, instead.

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