Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your North Kingstown Home’s Exterior

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Your home’s exterior paint job has a major impact on its overall appearance. It’s one of the first things guests or prospective buyers notice, so it can make or break someone’s impression of the property. A fresh coat of paint can make the home look clean and new, but dirty, chipped, or peeling paint can make an otherwise great house look tired.

The paint is more than just an aesthetic feature, though. It’s also an important line of defense against the elements. If the paint can’t withstand rain, snow, or other harsh conditions, this weather could cause notable damage to the exterior of the home.

Paint usually wears out gradually, so you may not notice how much it’s changed since your home was last painted. However, all homes will need some new paint eventually. If you’re a homeowner, you should know when it’s time to contact an exterior painting contractor. Here are six signs your home is due for exterior painting:

1. Faded Paint

A fading paint job is the most common reason homeowners request outside house painting services. Direct sunlight, rain, snow, and other weather-related factors will cause the paint to fade over time. Unfortunately, there’s little that can be done to prevent this from happening. You cannot control the North Kingstown RI climate or the placement of your home in the sunlight, so you should expect the paint to fade over the years.

If you have any old pictures of your home, compare these images with its current appearance. Fading paint doesn’t affect the structure or function of your home, but it does impact its aesthetic. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the faded paint is worth refreshing, but a new coat can do wonders for the home’s appearance.

2. Cracks, Chips, or Peeling

Exterior paint that’s cracked, chipped, or peeling off can make your home look worn out or dilapidated. Over time, paint will wear down and chip away, especially if you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation.

This doesn’t only cause problems for your curb appeal, though. If large portions of the paint start to chip or peel away, the material underneath will be directly exposed to the elements. Paint is an important protection for your home’s exterior, and the underlying materials can quickly get damaged. Significant chips or cracks in the paint job are a sign that your home needs to be repainted as soon as possible.

3. Chalky Residue

When paint starts to deteriorate, it can leave a chalky residue on the surface. Over time, this substance can build up on your home’s exterior, leading to a dusty or dirty appearance. It can also further damage the paint job, resulting in even more aesthetic or functional problems.

Chalky residue might not be immediately visible to the eye. You can test for it by wiping a dark towel over the wall. If you notice a white, powdery residue on the towel, the paint has probably started to break down.

4. Moisture or Mildew

If the paint is still fairly new, some moisture on its surface may not be a problem. You could probably wash away small moisture stains with a power washer. However, more stubborn stains may be a sign that you have moisture damage. When the paint wears down, moisture can build up on or underneath the paint, which could cause mildew.

Bubbling underneath the paint indicates serious moisture buildup. There may be rot or mold under the paint, which could be harmful for the structural material of the home. In this case, you should contact a painting professional right away. A painting contractor will assess the damage, clear away any existing mold or mildew, and apply a fresh coat of paint to protect the surface of your home.

5. Damaged Underlying Materials

Whether the exterior of your home is damaged because of old paint or for any other reason, you’ll need a fresh coat of paint. If you see any signs of damage on your home’s surface, prepare to hire an exterior painter once the repairs are complete. Fresh paint will help protect the materials from further damage, and it will keep the repaired portion of the surface in good condition.

Painting is also important after a repair because it keeps the color of the house consistent. Even if you use the same paint color and only paint over the repaired section of the home, the colors may not match. Paint fades over time, so it may be obvious that you only repainted one part of the house.

6. Outdated Color Scheme

Your home’s paint may still look good and be in functional condition, but if the colors are outdated, you might consider repainting anyway. Some neutral colors may never go out of style, but color trends change over the years. You may fall out of love with your home’s color over time, or you may want to repaint it in a trendy color before selling it.

Color doesn’t have to be permanent, and you can repaint your home’s exterior whenever you want and for whatever reason. Painting can be a great way to change up your home without having to invest in major renovations. Your painting professional can give you color recommendations, but your own preferences are always the priority.

Houses should generally be repainted every five or six years, although the lifespan of your paint job may vary depending on your location. Many homeowners neglect to repaint their home’s exterior, but it’s an excellent way to improve your house’s curb appeal and protect the underlying materials.

Two Brothers Painting offers exterior painting services to clients in the North Kingstown RI area. Our painters are experienced, knowledgeable, and professional, and are happy to help you transform your home. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, contact Two Brothers Painting today.

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