Colorful Ideas to Paint Your Kitchen Island in East Greenwich

Painting Your Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island is probably a big help to you. It gives you extra storage space, extra counter space, and extra seating. However, it doesn’t have to be merely a functional item. It could actually become a decorative highlight of your home.

Indeed, when many homeowners plan their kitchen’s color design, they tend to concentrate on flooring, wall painting, and cabinet painting. But, as any qualified interior painters would attest, it’s worth focusing on the island as well. That’s because your island is such a central feature of your kitchen. It really draws people’s attention as soon as they enter the room. Therefore, if you hire a painting contractor to give your island a fresh and exciting color, it can transform the look of the entire space. With that in mind, here are some alluring color ideas to make your kitchen island even more stylish.


In interior design, black is a classic accent color. An accent color is a bold hue that’s used to a limited extent. It highlights a certain item or adds texture and variety to a given space. A black island could go well with practically any color you choose for your wall and cabinet painting. On top of that, it would surely give your kitchen a certain dramatic and mysterious flair.


Red is definitely a powerful and vivid option. And, while too much of this color can be overpowering inside a home, an island is the perfect size for a splash of red. Imagine your kitchen painted in a neutral hue, and then imagine a red island contrasting with that background. The island would really pop; it would become even more of a focal point. And it would infuse the entire room with new energy. For sure, it’s a daring choice, but it’s one worth considering.


As with black, gray is a terrific island color because it can enhance almost any backdrop. If the rest of a kitchen is a bright color such as yellow, a gray island will soften the overall effect. It’ll be a pleasing counterpoint. On the other hand, if you have a mostly white kitchen, a gray island will give the room a little more depth and character. In fact, given its multifaceted appeal, it’s no surprise that gray is growing more and more popular in the interior design world.


A green kitchen island is ideal for a rustic decor. In addition, if you and your family love vegetables and organic foods, green is appropriate given its strong link to nature. Apart from its earthy associations, green is a superb choice because it’s so soothing. After a long day, enjoying a snack or a beverage while sitting at a green kitchen island can be rejuvenating.


Blue, of course, is a classic interior color. And blue can be calming given its connections to the sea and the sky. With the option of blue, you get a multitude of shades to pick from. Thus, you may need some time to select the blue that most appeals to you. For some homeowners, navy blue is the right island color since it’s so classy and understated. Plus, navy blue can make a kitchen seem even homier than it already is.

Two Brothers Painting Can Help

If you’re interested in a kitchen painting project for your East Greenwich RI home, you can always turn to Two Brothers Painting.

We founded Two Brothers in 2005, and we service homes throughout Rhode Island and in neighboring states. And, from the beginning, we’ve been committed to operating as a green company. Our customer service record is outstanding. We closely collaborate with our clients so that they get the results they’re seeking. All of our employees are fully insured and licensed. They’ve all been thoroughly vetted as well. We won’t hire anyone until we’ve completed an extensive background check.

In short, we’re a friendly, reliable, experienced, knowledgeable, and punctual group. We’re dedicated to excellence, and we’re attentive to every detail of a project. Moreover, we complete our work quickly and with great professionalism. Indeed, we finish each assignment within the allotted budget and schedule.

Furthermore, our equipment is advanced, and we offer competitive prices. In fact, we can give you a free written estimate. Especially important, each project we take on comes with a two-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. In particular, we’re well known for our color consultations. During these sessions, we offer our authoritative advice to homeowners. We can supply them with a wealth of samples as well. In addition to being informative, these meetings are fun and easygoing. They’re free, too.

An Island of Tranquility

In the end, any color you choose for your home should be one you feel comfortable with and one you’d be proud to show off to your visitors. That’s especially true for a kitchen island. After all, your island isn’t just a focal point of your kitchen; it’s a major element of your home. It’s a spot where you and your loved ones will gather to cook, eat, converse, unwind, and form precious memories. To make that kitchen island as attractive as it could be, please reach out to us at Two Brothers Painting. We can discuss painting options and scheduling, and we could book a color consultation if you’d like. We’d be delighted to give you the island of your culinary and decorating dreams.

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