The Best Time to Paint the Office

When you own a commercial property in Rhode Island, it is easy to overlook the importance of maintaining the interior paint in the space. The paint on your office walls is not your primary focus because you are working on the needs of your clients. The problem is that your office interior may distract clients…

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Interior Office Colors That Boost Employee Productivity


If you’re like most people, you already know that certain colors sometimes promote certain moods and memories. For instance, you may have happy associations with the color orange because you loved orange ice cream treats as a child. But personal connections and preferences aside, some colors are more universally inspiring than others. If you’re in…

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Why Commercial Painting Safety Should Matter

Commercial Painting Safety

If you have a commercial painting project in Narragansett coming up, keep safety in mind each step of the way. Overlooking safety causes a lot of problems you want to avoid. Look online to find the right safety tips. In addition to reviewing safety tips, take classes and make sure your team is equipped to…

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Painting Your Workspace

Painting Your Workspace in Narragansett

Do you have a home office space, crafting room, or another area of your home that you use for work or hobbies? If so, you probably spend a lot of time there, and if you’re like many homeowners, you may have neglected its aesthetics to a certain degree. Personal work and hobby rooms often get…

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Staying Open While Your Business is Being Painted

Painting an open business

If you’re fortunate enough to be doing brisk business at your place of business, over time you’ll likely notice that your interior paint job is showing signs of age, wear, and tear. Applying a new coat of paint will help your business present a fresh new appearance to new and returning customers alike and can help…

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