Professional House Painters – Charlestown RI

Exterior Painters

Three Advantages of Hiring a Professional Residential Painting Service If you’re like many modern homeowners, you enjoy doing a certain amount of home improvement projects yourself. You might even be a fan of the many cable television programs featuring various how-to home and garden projects, and maybe you’ve even done a little painting yourself in…

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Professional House Painters – Bonnet Shores RI

Choosing the right Rhode Island painter If you’re in the market to have your home or building painted, hiring an experienced team can save time, money, and provide a professional, polished finish. Once you find a painter you are interested in hiring, here are a few things to inquire about: Scope of work The contract…

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Historic Home Painting in Rhode Island

Exterior House Painters RI

One of the 13 original colonies and first states to join the United States, Rhode Island is home to some of the oldest homes in the country. Historic homes aren’t just beautiful, warm and scenic — they also serve as a reminder of the early days of the country. And while they may require more regular maintenance…

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How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

Exterior House Painting

If you want to start your full interior painting project, you have to map out your route to achieve the best results. Just picking rooms at random can potentially leave you feeling inconvenienced as the project goes on. Thankfully, you can work with your Rhode Island painting contractor to find the best route through your…

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Different Types of Paint Professionals – What’s the Difference?

Types of Paint Professionals

Different Types of Paint Professionals – What’s the Difference? When it comes to Painting Professionals, there are a lot of different types of paint professionals out there. But what’s the difference between all of them? Today, we’re going to break down the different types of paint professionals and what sets them apart. Keep reading to…

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Whitewash vs. Limewash – What’s the Difference?

Whitewash vs Limewash

If you’re thinking about painting your property, you’re probably familiar with the terms limewash and whitewash. How do they differ, though? Which one ought you to pick for your house? Here, we’ll discuss the differences between limewash and whitewash as well as the advantages of each option. We’ll help you choose the ideal paint for…

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Soothing Paint Colors for a Nursery in Rhode Island

Baby Nursery Painters

For many children, a nursery is the first place they ever feel at home. As such, its decor should be comforting and nurturing. And the whole environment ought to promote imagination, education, and a good night’s sleep. Of course, your home painting will be key to your nursery’s look and feel. With that in mind,…

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Things to Consider When Painting Your Rhode Island Rental Home

Professional House Painters Newport RI

If you own a rental property in North Kingstown RI, it’s critical that you do whatever it takes to keep the home in good condition. Doing so will make it easier to attract tenants while also helping to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. Ideally, painting interior and exterior surfaces will be a part of…

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What to do With Outdated Wallpaper in Your New Home

Wallpaper Services

Wallpaper can create a beautiful look when it’s new, but it doesn’t take many years for it to start peeling, showing stains, or looking outdated. Fortunately, the process of improving the look is not as difficult as it might sound. There are a number of options on the table for you, and it’s just a…

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