Prevent Interior Paint Fading

Zen Colors

Freshly painted interiors can spruce up your Rhode Island home or office, but this effect wears off over time if the paint fades. If you want to make sure your interior paint keeps its original color as much as possible, there are ways to lower the risk of fading.   Use High-Quality Paint Paint that’s lower…

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Get Ready for an Interior Paint Job with These Three Steps

Types of Paint Professionals

Interior paint jobs can quickly change the entire ambiance of any home, which is why most homeowners rush into painting projects without giving any time or effort to proper preparation — and the consequences are often a poor-quality end result. Taking the time to properly prepare the surface helps ensure that the project has the…

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Why Should I Paint My Garage Floor?

Garage Floor Painters in RI

If you’re a homeowner looking to put in a relatively easy and affordable upgrade with a big impact, look no further than the humble garage floor. Garages can take some serious wear and tear, especially during a cold, wet Rhode Island winter. Read on for more information on why you should consider painting your garage…

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Hallway Painting Tips


The hallway in your home is an area that you spend a good amount of time in each day. You pass through your hallways when moving from room to room, as well as when you a refinishing up your day. By following a few simple rules, you can make your hallway an interesting and fun…

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Professional House Painters – Narragansett RI

Give Your Home a Facelift

Searching for a painter in Narragansett, RI. can be a challenge. Sure, there are plenty of painters out there, but do they understand your vision? Do they use only the best products and superior techniques? Let us take the work out of searching for quality Rhode Island painters. Every Job Done Right We make sure…

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Professional House Painters – Providence RI

Kitchen Cabinet Painters RI

Three Tips to Help You Choose the Right Interior Paint Colors If it’s time to give your home interior a makeover, you’ve probably started considering what types of paint colors to use in your renovation. Rhode Island homeowners often make interior paint selections based on nature — after all, the state is renowned for an abundance…

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How To Prioritize Rooms For Painting

Exterior House Painting

If you want to start your full interior painting project, you have to map out your route to achieve the best results. Just picking rooms at random can potentially leave you feeling inconvenienced as the project goes on. Thankfully, you can work with your Rhode Island painting contractor to find the best route through your…

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Why Fall is the Best Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home

Interior Painting in the Fall

As we zip toward fall, it is time to start thinking about all those home improvement projects you have on the books — like painting! There are many incredible benefits to consider in completing your Rhode Island interior painting projects through the fall season. Here are just a few ways you will come out on…

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Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors

Painter for a day

If you’re like most people, you already know that different colors have different affects on your mood. There’s undoubtedly that one outfit in a certain color that makes you feel stronger and more self-confident whenever you wear it— and it’s only natural that you want your home color palette to reflect your personal preferences. However,…

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